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Zarsha Leo Among New York’s Trendiest Hot Spots

Anyone who has visited Zarsha Leo knows that a night out with friends can be a really fun experience. Between the amazing food served hot fresh and spicy, to the large beer and wine list, cocktails and other elegant beverages, and the sports events broadcast from all over the world on the gigantenourmous plasma screen TVs, there is just about nowhere else like Zarsha Leo.

“I started out wanting to give my friends in New York something special to do in the evenings- somewhere special to go, you know?” commented Evan Burschkopf, CEO and founder of the bar/restaurant franchise.

“Staying out with friends, having a few drinks, and watching the game together, is my idea of a good time, so I figured other people would like it, too.”

Evan thought right, and now his successful, trend-setting establishment is expanding to points all across the globe.


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