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The Quad Returns, Better Than Ever

Looking south at Quad Cinema 34 West 13 St on a sunny midday. Photo courtesy of Jim Henderson.

The past two years has been difficult without the Village art-film showcase the Quad. But now independent and foreign films get their palace back in a new, improved form.

The Quad Cinema re-opened on Friday, April 14 to much fanfare and excitement. One fan, the executive director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation said,

“The Village has changed a lot, but it being a center for independent and foreign films remains the same.”

The Quad Cinema first opened in 1972 as Manhattan’s first multiplex movie theater. Almost from inception the theater featured film’s most significant directors and producers, such as John Sayles, or New York icons like Andy Warhol, and revivals of classics and foreign films.

Despite not aging well, the theater still attracted many movie-goers who were loyal and dedicated to what the Quad offered.

The establishment has four screens to accommodate 430 seats. A new marquee was installed and the lobby is completely renovated with digital screens, vintage posters, and a 21.5 inch video wall displaying film-clips from classic movies.

The theater will continue to offer films that reflect the neighborhood’s interests. The theater is committed to classic programming, as evidenced by opening with a Lina Wertmuller retrospective in addition to first-run releases such as French film “heal the Living,” and the Emily Dickinson biographical film “A Quiet Passion.”


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