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Landmark Da Silvano Shuttered After 41 Years in the Village

Standard Italian food: Meatball and Ravioli.

Standard Italian food: Meatball and Ravioli.

Greenwich Village mainstay, Italian restaurant Da Silvano, has served its last meal, after 41 years of operation. Owner Silvano Marchetto said that the combination of astronomic rent and other rising operating costs, forced him to close down.

Through the years Da Silvano has served its loyal customer base from the neighborhood and from outside. Some of its patrons and fans who came back time and again were A-list celebs who appreciated a “no-frills” Tuscan meal, and found it at Da Silvano.

Da Silvano’s location, skirting SoHo and the West Village at 260 6th Avenue, led to a major increase in rent from $500/month, when the eatery first opened in May 1975, to the unbelievable $41,000/month they paid their last month of operation. Marchetto also blames “new-minimum wage rules” for his forced closure.

An Art World Blogger said that Da Silvano was “a favorite for the art world’s many patrons and participants, who continued to visit, with somewhat less frequency,” even though the majority of art galleries have long since moved from SoHo uptown to Chelsea.

In 1975, when the restaurant opened, Italian food meant just one thing, Americanized ‘red sauce’ dishes. “Marchetto was one of the first to introduce Americans to Tuscan cuisine,” the restaurant’s website says, “and is responsible for bringing many of Italy’s finest products to the forefront of Italian cuisine in America.”

Da Silvano was known for such dishes as roasted standing duck, artichoke salad brash and lamb. Some of the better-known personalities who frequented the establishment were Rihanna, Sean Penn, Owen Wilson, Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lindsay Lohan, Anna Wintour and others.

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