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Coffee Club : $25 Gets You All the Brew You Want

Here’s a new concept for your morning Java: purchase a membership in a coffee shop and have the rights to unlimited

Valais Blackneck goat. Photo by: Nauticashades

Valais Blackneck goat. Photo by: Nauticashades

quantities of coffee, tea, lattes, espressos and lemonade. This unique offer comes from Fair Folks & a Goat which opened its doors in the fall of 2012 on Houston Street in the Village.

The shop also sells art, clothing, beer, wine and home design artifacts. The shop boasts about 1,000 members, but changes slightly each month. An average of seven new members joined up every day this past September.

This past spring Fair Folks hosted a Chines New Year’s party, celebrating the Year of the Goat, and from then on they began having concerts by their members who are also musicians, creating the beginnings of a kind of movement. In April they opened a back-door patio lounge at their East 11th Street satellite location.

Membership costs $25 per month, but non-members are welcome to order a cup of whatever they like and pay the regular price.

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