The New York Organ Donor Network Helping Save Lives

New York Organ Donor Network

Hurricane Sandy showed the world, and New Yorkers, that during times of need the citizens of the Big Apple are more than ready to join together and help each other.  Now with the immediate crisis behind us, it is time to once again focus one of the simplest, but most profound ways people can help each other, and that is through registering on a list as someone willing to donate their organs.

The New York Donor Network is working hard to facilitate donations in 10 transplant centers and over 90 hospitals in the New York metropolitan area which serves a diverse population of more than 13 million people. Bradley Tusk of Tusk Strategies has helped the New York Donor Network to get the word out and reach such a huge population with the understanding that the more people registered as willing organ donors, the more lives can be saved.

The New York Donor Network works in the following way to maximize the number of people who can be saved through organ donations:

  • By law all New York area hospitals must inform the New York Donor Network of all deaths or imminent deaths within their hospital.
  • Expert and well-trained staff at the Donor Network is maximally focused on helping families give their legally binding consent to allow their loved ones to become donors in the most sensitive and understanding way possible.
  •  In the case of someone who is not listed in the New York State Donate Life Registry, then the New York Donor Network will help family members or other authorized persons to give their consent to the donation.
  • The Donor Network provides follow-up care and referrals to families who agree to the donation or to those families and loved ones of the individual who had already legally consented to such a donation.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner it is a good time to focus on the ultimate gift which we are all thankful for, our lives. Those who decide to enroll in the New York State Donate Life Registry are saying that they are ready to give the gift of life even at the moment when that is taken away.  For more information on how to sign up go to the New York Organ Donor Registry web site.


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