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PS 122 Offers Something Different for a Change

Looking for that perfect performance art space that you have only dreamed of? Well you can make up and smell the stage lights; Performance Space 122 is just what you have been dreaming of. Located at 150 First Avenue at East 9th Street, PS 122 is a revamped public school now housing two performance spaces and one gallery space.

Expect the unexpected here, where the shows are inevitably innovative, avant garde and experimental. Presentations of theater, dance, music, film and video are all welcomed at PS 122.

Now in performance at PS 122 are “Newyorkland,” presented by Temporary Distortion; Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company’s presentation of the “Untitled Feminist Show;” and The Team’s performance of “Mission Drift. “

All shows are running now through February 4th. For more information call: (212) 477-5829 from 10am to 6pm.


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Little Secret Gardens in the Big East Village

Fence Around El Sol Brillante Sr

El Sol Brillante, Sr is a little park in the East Village which is part of the East Village Parks Conservancy. The park, located on the south side of East 12th Street between Avenues A and B, is a lush, well-tended oasis in an otherwise harsh environment. A wonderful wrought iron fence surrounds the premises with a whimsical structure that bespeaks the delight held within.

If you are interesting in helping care for the garden’s grounds, there are regularly scheduled volunteer gardening days. For more information about the East Village Parks Conservancy and the many green spaces which the organization is protecting and taking delight in, contact them directly.

El Sol Brillante Sr


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Try Katz’s for a True Deli Experience

Katz's Deli Since 1888

Since 1888 Katz’s Delicatessen has been serving up some of the world’s greatest deli sandwiches on the Lower East Side of New York.

Today true delis are a rare breed. This special type of food emporium was created in the heyday of immigration to New York when newcomers to the US craved the flavors from back home, which were born from the reality of no refrigeration. Smoking and pickling and other food curing methods helped lengthen the lifespan of meat, and also gave meat a special flavor that could not be reproduced easily using other methods.

Katz’s Deli was a beloved eatery established by a Russian immigrant family. Today the tradition established then, which survived three depressions, uncountable recessions, and two world wars, keeps Katz’s on the map and in the hearts of its loyal customers.

Katz’s is located at 205 East Houston Street (corner of Ludlow St) For more information and their hours go to Katz’s or call 1-800-4-HOTDOG and/or (212) 254-2246.


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Authentic Italian Delicacies in Little Italy at Di Palo’s Fine Foods

Are you in the mood for that perfect lasagna or baked ziti that only you know how to make? But what you need is some fresh, flavorful and wonderfully fanciful cheese. Luckily there is such a place in Little Italy (where else?) called Di Palo’s Fine Foods.

Fine Cheeses Available at Di Palo's Fine Foods

Located at 200 Grand Street between Mulberry and Mott Streets, just stepping into Di Palo’s is a treat unto itself.  Founded in 1910 by the current owner’s great grandfather Savino Di Palo, as a latteria, it wasn’t until four years later that Savino was able to bring the rest of his family to New York.

Through the years and generations the Di Palo family has striven to bring the wonderful traditional cuisine of Italy to the shores of the United States.  Today the present owner, Lou Di Palo is true to that tradition.

Cheese is not the only item on hand at Di Palo’s. In addition they offer oil, vinegar, pasta, rice, other grains, cured meat, coffee, honey and preserves, sweets and specialty items from northern central and southern Italy. Stop by and see for yourself what a true Italian delicacy can mean. Maybe you can even get a new recipe for lasagna while you’re there?

Di Palo’s is open Monday through Saturday from 9am until 7pm and on Sundays from 9am to 5pm. Call 212-226-1033 for more information.

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Exhibits at the Center for Architecture

Center for Architecture

Interested in architecture? Then the Center for Architecture at 536 LaGuardia Place is worth a visit. The Center for Architecture is the home to the American Institute of Architects New York Chapter, and is a lively nonprofit organization which prides itself on providing a large number of invaluable resources to the public and to professionals in the building industry.

The Center sponsors exhibitions, programs and other special events which strive to constantly improve the quality and increase the sustainability of the built environment. Goals of the Center include facilitating dialogue between design, construction and real estate communities while also encouraging collaboration all over the world.

Currently there are three exhibitions at the Center for Architecture. Building Connections 2011 will be shown until February 11, 2012, and brings to the public a selection of student work from the variety of communities served by the Center. The exhibit showcases the Center’s hands-on, project-based approach to teaching, including drawing, 2-D design and 3- model-making.

Until January 21st 2012 the exhibit Buildings = Energy will explore how it is possible to change our cities and out environment by taking a new, unconventional look at energy and its use.

Closing soon, on January 4th is the third exhibit at the Center, Building Back: 30 Years of Growth in New York City.
For more information on the Center for Architecture and any of these exhibits, call the center at: 212.683.0023

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